People Become Their Thoughts

by Leroy on March 28th, 2023.

People become their thoughts because they let their thoughts command their actions. The problem is that your thoughts are not a unified process, they are a parliament shouting their opinions at you. Who are you? The prime minister, the one who chooses.

Why am I telling you this? Because you can choose the good thought to act on instead of letting your thoughts choose a bad action.

Smiling people find that the world smiles back. Why? Because you can see the soul of someone who smiles and souls are always good. When Benjamin Franklin said that people will become your friends when you ask them to do a favor they can do for you, this is why. They can see your soul and you theirs. Smile at people and you will find many that cannot do you the simple favor of smiling back. But do not trick yourself into thinking they do not have a soul, you merely did not see it then because they didn't choose to show it.

Do you know what happens when you think good thoughts? Your life becomes good because when you acted, you acted good. There is a curious line in Genesis, chapter one. God lets there be Light and divides it into day and night, but notice that the evening comes before the morning. Humans cannot know the result of their actions before they have done them. Why not choose to think the good thoughts? The thoughts and feelings you are feeling right now are the result all of your inputs from the previous moment. You cannot know what's before you, but you can See it, so you can act on it and become good.