You Are Not Your Thoughts

by Leroy on March 26th, 2023. Last updated March 27th, 2023.

You are not your thoughts. You control your thoughts.

Why are you not your thoughts? Because you control your thoughts. Let me give you an example. When paying for a meal at a restaurant and needing to determine the tip, can you not summon thoughts about math? You can think about percentages or dollar bills. You are not your thoughts because you control your thoughts.

A lot of people don't know that they can control their own thoughts. The logic goes something like this: if you control your thoughts then bad people must be thinking bad thoughts, but I'm a good person and I've had bad thoughts, so the whole premise must be faulty. That logic only holds if the person doesn't know how to control their thoughts. The person may simply be blind, or ignorant, of the mechanism to control their own thoughts.

When you get in the car, you think about the road and your car. When you are getting things at the grocery store, you think of groceries. When trying to figure out how much to tip, you think of math. What's the common theme? Doing. You control your thoughts by doing.

An in-active person has in-active thoughts, by definition. The thoughts will seem to come and go if they aren't directed. The thoughts aren't inert, they are simply misguided, so they are captured by traps. The thoughts sway from thing to thing by the mere whims of life causing you to do things. Why wait for life to choose your thoughts? We control our thoughts by doing, so why not think of now? Why not do right now so you can think what you want?

Why not be good by doing good?